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To align the upper & lower teeth into Physiologic occlusion (bite) where the teeth, muscles & bones are in harmony resulting in a beautiful smile & great function.

Traditional braces focus almost entirely on the hard structures of the teeth, jaw & jaw joints. Physiologic orthodontics uses all of this information but gives careful study to the upper airway and the status of the muscles that control the posture and function of the jaw. Constant muscle forces are powerful and can move teeth.

The way the teeth come together (your bite) is part of a system of teeth, muscles and joints. The teeth are the dominant part of the system. If the teeth do not fit properly, the muscles and joints will accommodate - working to get the teeth together. This accommodation often leads to muscles being at work when they should be at rest and the overworked muscles lead to other problems such as pain or a misalignment of the jaw joint.

A bad bite, poor head posture, restricted airway, tongue habits and other factors can cause muscle forces that adversely affect the bite. Not only may these forces have a role in causing crooked teeth or an improper bite, failure to deal with these factors during braces may lead to premature relapse. In young patients, abnormal muscle forces can have a serious effect on facial development.