How Clear Aligners Are a Discreet Orthodontics Solution

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Even though there is a positive outcome waiting at the end of corrective treatment, relying on orthodontics to alter the smile can be an embarrassing process. Many typically associate a straighter, uniform smile with clunky metal braces, but clear aligners provide a more discreet solution without sacrificing effectiveness. Although the journey to a better smile varies by individual situation, there are several reasons for choosing this subtle approach to straightening the teeth.

Distinct advantages for clear aligners

Orthodontics addresses a number of teeth and jaw concerns, including prevention, correction, or management of jaws and teeth that are misaligned, as well as bite patterns that are out of line. Within these services comes a number of treatment options, but few offer the benefits of subtlety and discretion like clear aligners. Though it is hard to forget the teasing of middle or high school students with a mouth full of wires and brackets, you can move forward with corrective treatment without that same experience.


As the name suggests, clear aligners are opaque trays that are custom fitted over the teeth to encourage the shifting and movement of the teeth into the desired position. From a distance, it is nearly impossible to see the aligners, and the lips and mouth close normally over the top of them. While it does take some care to maintain this invisibility, the ability to discreetly address teeth alignment issues can be a huge boost of self-confidence for those who are sensitive about their appearance.


Wearing metal braces can be extremely uncomfortable, particularly during the adjustment period after the placement of the brackets or immediately following adjustments. There can be problems with bands or wires coming loose, creating periodic discomfort and requiring extra appointments. Discomfort can be noticeable by friends or colleagues, whether from limited speaking or mouth movement or by an increase in the number of times you miss work. Clear aligners are comfortable and convenient, slowly moving your teeth into shape without painful adjustments or multiple appointments. This helps keep unwanted attention off of you.


One embarrassing aspect of traditional metal braces is the likelihood that food particles will get stuck around the brackets or wires. Many people also have to manage the food restrictions and worry about what is safe to eat. In public situations, this can be embarrassing and frustrating. Not being able to enjoy the food prepared or having to worry about flossing or rinsing food out of the wires can take a toll. With clear aligners, you remove the tray for eating and drinking, allowing you complete freedom.


As an orthodontics solution, clear aligners are discreet and effective. Schedule an appointment to find out if you are a good candidate for them.

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