CEREC Crowns Are Metal-Free

CEREC Crowns Are Metal-Free from Siegert Dental in Onalaska, WICEREC® crowns provide more benefits to patients than metal restorations. Tissues of the body tend to have a different reaction to metal than to non-metal material. CEREC dental crowns are healthier, more stable dental restorations. If you want to know more about metal-free CEREC dental crowns, here are the details.


CEREC metal-free crowns are appealing to many dental patients. The biocompatibility of ceramic dental crowns prevents any negative reaction when in contact with body tissue. According to the American Dental Association, the mercury content in metal restorations is acceptable. Even so, most dentists want to ensure the health of their patients. That is why dentists use ceramic restorations. CEREC dental crowns are fit for every patient.

Non-metal dental solutions are also good for the environment. Based on the information from the Environmental Protection Agency, the disposal of mercury can result in neurological problems and brain damage in all organisms. CEREC dental crowns can never do this to the environment. The practice and its patients can be sure of the environmentally-friendliness of these restorations.

Natural look

CEREC dental crowns have a color like that of natural teeth. This makes it easier for dentists to match each crown to the patient’s intact teeth. The material reflects light the same way natural teeth do. Ceramic crowns also feel like natural teeth. These traits make ceramic crowns ideal dental solutions.

Lasts longer

Ceramic dental crowns last a long time. The material can provide strength and protection to the tooth. CEREC dental crowns are friction-resistant and strong. Most dentists recommend ceramic crowns better than conventional porcelain ones.


CEREC dental crowns are as effective as metal ones. These crowns are durable. Each one can protect teeth from decay or disease. Proper checking and care will make sure that the crown will protect the patient’s smile for decades to come.

Saves more natural teeth

The dentist must always shave some parts of the tooth off. CEREC dental crowns allow the dentist to keep most of the patient’s tooth. Technological advancements in dentistry enable dentists to only remove tiny portions of the tooth. This will not affect the ability of the crown to fit over the tooth. CEREC technology has adhesives capable of cementing the dental crown onto the tooth. These adhesives will keep bacteria and food particles away.

Keeps allergic reactions away

Some patients may not be aware of the metal allergies they have. Allergic reactions involve tissue irritation and inflammation. This can compromise the patient’s general health. That is why dentists prefer to use ceramic crowns to metal crowns. Avoiding the onset of allergic reactions makes the patient’s dental crown experience pleasant and fruitful.

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CEREC dental crowns are metal-free and stress-free

Many dental clinics use CEREC ceramic crowns on their patients. Various practices say that the effectiveness of ceramic crowns is as good as that of metal ones. Ceramic crowns are durable and long-lasting. They are also friendly to patients with metal allergies. An appointment with your dentist will start your CEREC ceramic crown procedure the right way.

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