A Step-by-Step Guide to the CEREC Procedure

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When you have a damaged tooth, a common restoration method is a dental crown. A traditional crown is an optimal choice. However, depending on the type of crown, it can take a while to make and adjust to your needs. Fortunately, many dental offices offer same-day crowns to restore your smile and oral health in a single appointment. Keep reading if this treatment is the right choice for you.

Understanding same-day crowns

Same-day crowns, also known as CEREC® crowns, refer to a dental crown development system that uses computer-aided designs (CAD/CAM) and 3D printers to create materials for customized dental restoration. This technology allows dentists to create dental crowns on-site and eliminates the need for an off-site laboratory. The dentist can design, create, and install a patient's CEREC crown during a singular dental visit without needing a second placement appointment.

The advantages of same-day crowns

When a person has a chipped tooth, gaps between the teeth, discoloration, or cavities, prompt restoration is essential. CEREC® crowns allow for same-day placement. With same-day crowns, patients receive an improved smile within a few hours. In addition to creating a more aesthetically pleasing smile, crowns make it easier for a patient to chew, drink hot or cold drinks, and even speak in some instances. They also protect natural teeth that have structural damage from further decay, can work with implants to support existing teeth, and help people gain more confidence in their smiles and overall appearance.

The steps to a same-day crown procedure

The CEREC®procedure was created to be completed in a single dental appointment, which benefits the patient and the dentist's schedule.

1. Performing the exam and diagnosis

A patient who walks into a dentist's office with a toothache first receives an exam. Next, the dentist determines what is causing the toothache and how serious it is. Usually, this is a simple visual exam, but some situations may require an X-ray to find the root of the problem fully. After diagnosing the cause of the toothache, the dentist can determine if a same-day crown is a viable treatment; if so, they will move to the next step.

2. Preparing the tooth for treatment

If the decayed tooth has an infection, the dentist will remove the bacteria in addition to any dead or dying tissue. Next, the dentist will prepare the tooth for the same-day crowns. The process includes removing a layer of enamel to create a smoother surface for the crown, which helps it to stay firmly in place. 

3. Creating the crown

The third step is for the dentist to perform an intraoral scan, a digital image of the tooth's new shape. Next, the camera connects to software that designs the same-day implant. The software uses the images to create a 3D model, which the dentist then uses to design the custom-fitting dental crown. Before fabricating it, the dentist shows the new images to the patient to ensure happiness with the expected results of the same-day restoration. If necessary, the dentist can adjust the design to ensure the patient is satisfied and the crown is comfortable.

4. Fabricating and fitting the crown

The final step of the same-day crown process is fabricating and fitting the tooth. The final draft of the crown's design model is sent to the milling unit, which functions as a 3D printer to carve the crown out of a block of ceramic material. Finally, the dentist uses cement or another dental adhesive to attach the crown to the patient's tooth. The patient can go home and typically only experiences minor soreness for a few days following the procedure.

Caring for same-day crowns

While the ceramic material of CEREC crowns makes them durable, their lifespan depends on the patient's oral hygiene habits. The most effective way to prolong the life of a CEREC crown is to brush and floss carefully. Some patients may need to use sensitive toothpaste after receiving a crown if their surrounding teeth become hypersensitive to sweet, hot, or cold food and drinks. They should also avoid eating hard foods or ice to prevent the crown from cracking. While CEREC crowns are just as strong as natural tooth enamel, they can still wear down over time.


Same-day CEREC® dental crowns are optimal because they take only a few hours to create, and you will not have to book more than one appointment. They are also a durable and natural-looking choice. If you suspect you need a crown on one or more of your teeth, talk to your dentist to learn more about this procedure and if they recommend this treatment for your particular dental health. Restore your smile promptly and conveniently, and schedule a consultation today.

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