4 Signs You Should See a Cosmetic Dentist

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If you are suffering from self-esteem issues because of your smile, it may be time to consult with a cosmetic dentist. This dental professional can perform a number of procedures that improve the teeth or gums, which results in a great smile. There are various reasons why people visit a cosmetic dentist, and everyone's goals are different. While appearance is often the primary motivator, many cosmetic treatments can improve your dental and overall health as well.

Damaged teeth can be an eyesore, but they can also put you more at risk for serious dental issues. Many damaged teeth expose nerve endings deep within the structure, resulting in increased sensitivity and even severe pain. Breaks in the enamel surface mean a tooth is much more susceptible to decay. This can lead to cavities, gum disease, and an overall weakening of the tooth structure. Severe decay can lead to infection and tooth loss.

A missing tooth can also be problematic for most people. Not only does it create an unsightly gap, but it often causes your other teeth to shift, leading to crooked teeth and more gaps down the road. Poor alignment can also affect your bite pattern, resulting in jaw issues. Missing teeth can also make it more difficult to speak properly or digest your food efficiently.

Cosmetic dentistry can address many of the issues that cause a drop in confidence and oral health. If you are wondering if this is an option for you, consider some of the signs that indicate it is a good idea to see this type of dentist.

Signs you should see a cosmetic dentist

Based on your concerns, ultimate goals, facial features, and budget, a dentist will recommend possible procedures that may work for you. Cosmetic procedures range from simple to more complex.

1. You have stained teeth

One of the main complaints people have about their smiles is that their teeth are discolored or stained. The solution for this is usually easy: Whitening. The dentist uses a strong bleaching agent that can whiten the teeth in two or three stages. When done professionally, the results typically last up to a year with proper care.

2. Your teeth have certain imperfections

A common reason people visit a cosmetic dentist is that their teeth have imperfections such as:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Gaps in between the teeth

Depending on the location of a chip or cracked tooth, fixing it may not only be an aesthetic solution but also a functional one. If the crack is on a biting surface, this can introduce bacteria into the tooth, which results in decay. If this is the case, the dentist may recommend a filling or a crown to fix the issue.

If the chip or crack is on the front of a tooth, there are a couple of options: Bonding and veneers. Both match your natural teeth, and they cover up the front of the tooth to fix the imperfection.

3. You are missing teeth

Having one or more gaps in the mouth definitely affects one's desire to smile. However, not replacing them also has long-term dental consequences. There are multiple replacement options. You may choose a bridge or dentures to fill in the spaces. Implants are also an option. The process for implants is longer, but they provide a more stable foundation that allows you to chew and speak like normal, and they last a long time.

4. You are just not happy with your smile

You may be unhappy with your smile but not know exactly why. A cosmetic dentist has the training to examine your mouth and make recommendations. Examples may include gum recontouring, teeth shaping, or a procedure that will improve your bite.


A cosmetic dentist can improve your smile dramatically, but the procedures he or she recommends may also improve the function of your teeth and mouth. For example, bridges or crowns can repair the damage, protect your teeth, and restore the look of your smile. Implants have these same advantages while also offering added protection against bone loss in the jaw.

Keep in mind that even if you are not at risk for developing dental problems, your smile should still be a priority. Smiling has been linked to improving immunity, boosting mood, and forming important social connections. If you have confidence issues when it comes to your smile, schedule a consultation to find out what options there are.

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