4 Reasons a Dentist Would Recommend Dental Implants

Dental Implants Onalaska, WI

Tooth loss can lead to oral and general health complications without proper treatment. Dental implants are a highly effective option for restoring the function of missing teeth, and dentists often recommend this procedure for qualifying patients.

Why do dentists recommend dental implants?

Modern dentistry offers numerous restoration procedures for missing teeth, but implants remain the favorite choice of many dentists and their patients for these four reasons.

1. Implants are permanent

Once a dentist places an implant into a patient's mouth, it remains in place permanently to support an overlying cap that resembles a natural tooth. Implant posts consist of titanium material that is biocompatible and resistant to corrosion. Therefore, implants are highly durable and do not require periodic replacement like other alternative tooth replacement options.

2. Implants are convenient

Although dentists can suggest various restorative solutions for missing teeth, dental implants surpass all other options for convenience. For example, unlike other prosthetic dental devices, implants do not require removal for cleaning or sleeping. As a result, an implant's permanent placement in the mouth makes it less vulnerable to misplacement or damage.

3. Implants are comfortable

After a dentist places an implant post in a patient's jaw, the metal fuses with the jawbone to stabilize and support the overlying prosthetic tooth, which can withstand the same force and function as natural teeth. With dental implants, patients do not experience a painful and frustrating adjustment period involving oral tissue irritation, mouth sores, and speech impediments while learning to speak and chew while wearing abrasive and bulky oral devices. Implants allow dental patients to enjoy the same comfort level as natural teeth.

4. Implants are protective

Although implants can facilitate various oral and dental functions, they also help ensure good oral hygiene and health. Implants replace missing tooth roots, providing a space filler that prevents adjacent teeth from shifting toward an empty tooth socket. This movement can cause remaining teeth to misalign, crowd, and overlap, making preventative oral hygiene such as brushing and flossing challenging and ineffective. However, implants prevent these complications and reduce patients' risk for future oral infections leading to further tooth loss.

Who qualifies for dental implants?

Dentists typically recommend implants for patients meeting various criteria, including:

  • A healthy jawbone to ensure the titanium implant stabilizes
  • Healthy gums without signs of periodontal disease to prevent an infection from spreading to the jawbone where it can destabilize an implant
  • Adequate jawbone development by being at least 18 years old 
  • Commitment to rigorous oral hygiene, including home maintenance and routine dental office cleanings 
  • Willingness to discontinue habits like smoking that can compromise gum tissue and post-implant healing


Dental implants are a practical, widespread, and desirable solution for improving oral health following tooth loss. Although most dentists may advise patients about the benefits of implants over other tooth restoration options, it is essential to prequalify patients for this procedure to ensure it provides the maximum benefits.

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